Web Design, Digital Marketing, and IT Managed Services

Your website is the place where most people will interact with your business. Both your online and offline marketing activities will most likely send users to your website. Whether it’s to get information about your services and products, to make bookings or purchases, or to get contact details for iconvert.media.

You might operate a great marketing campaign only to be disappointed by sales because your website’s landing page doesn’t convert. A website can underperform for a number of reasons, including site speed, responsiveness or navigation. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a quality website to the success of your digital marketing strategy.

Review your website with the following factors in mind:

Conversion rate – are you converting leads/customers?

Competition – are you outperforming competitors or vice versa?

Branding – does your website reflect your brand?

SEO – are you performing well on search engines?

Responsiveness – is your site responsive?

Site speed – do your pages load quickly?

If you’re not getting the results you’d like and your site isn’t performing effectively for most of these factors, then it may be worth considering a redesign, see this here.

Do you need a new website?

If you think that you need a new site, then make sure that you consider the following factors when you undergo a redesign. You should discuss each one with your web designer to ensure that any changes that you make to your website will have a positive impact. See this here. All too often a redesign causes a website to perform worse than its predecessor because the design hasn’t considered each of these factors.

For example, a website that’s rich with images, videos and interactive content might look great, but it will reduce site speed. This may increase bounce rate because users don’t want to wait for pages to load.