United Arab Bank is operating with 25 branches throughout the UAE, the Bank offers its clients ideal financial services in both corporate and retail banking, and has established itself as a leading solutions provider for a growing commercial and industrial base across the seven emirates. United Arab Bank needs to ensure its employees and customer data is secure.

Security is not just a need, but a requirement by the UAE Central bank under strict standard and guidelines. The problem arising is that United Arab Banks has thousands of customers and infrastructure spread throughout the UAE, it would be challenging to implement a workable and real-time solution. With help from interactive however, this problem was solved splendidly. RSA’s DLP was chosen and deployed. Interactive provided critical licensing and support. Our customers enjoy optimum protection for its stakeholder’s data, find out here now.

The quantity and spread of information throughout RTA mandates the use of an integrated and well-architected Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) solution. Read here. In the absence of such an approach to GRC information and technology, the organization runs on a major risk of failing to obtain, understand, and use information efficiently about external and internal events; strategies, goals and objectives; requirements; performance; and conduct which enable effective governance, risk management, compliance and the operation of related controls.

RTA’s Request for Proposal was intended to engage a solution provider that implements an Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance Management solution meeting the immediate needs of RTA and provide an Enterprise GRC Roadmap for implementation covering the needs of all business departments across entire RTA organization.